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Embroidery version of the software

Pulse Microsystems offers advanced embroidery software to the world. It is the only software provider in the world that has been certified by Microsoft.

The system is easy to use and accurate in calculation. Automatic image scanning and digitizer input. It has a variety of stitches, including the most popular stitch and the latest stitch in the world.

Shanuo embroidery pattern system deep excavation computer aided design new technology, is a fusion of more than 10 years of embroidery pattern experience of engineering and technical personnel wisdom crystallization, at the same time to the foreign 90's most advanced pattern system for the foundation development and development and become a set of complete, intelligent, convenient in one of the computer embroidery pattern system. It has excellent pattern editing function and automatic stitch generation function, which can automatically generate more than 200 kinds of stitch.

Fuyi printing version of embroidery software can quickly draw all kinds of graphics, file storage and reading speed is very fast. Large files over 200 megabytes can be read in just a few dozen seconds. Not only can record the flower draft itself, but also can completely record all the information related to the flower draft, such as back, net shape, net mesh, paste percentage, pattern category and so on, to provide users with a database about the process, technology and management information, has a strong practicality.

A compression rate of more than 10 times is equivalent to doubling the memory, allowing the system to overrun when it runs out of memory. It can easily read large patterns that the normal system cannot read, and can be done with much higher accuracy. Because it is a full-vector image operation, the image after rotation and amplification has smooth boundary and no sawtooth, so the ideal image quality and editing freedom can be obtained. EmbDesign software includes all the functions of computerized embroidery system, computerized embroidery management system, computerized embroidery drawing system and computerized embroidery editing system. In order to satisfy embroider bound personage to computer to make the pursuit of system diversity, rich happy rolled out again embroider makes the system of system of the shuttle. Using the shuttle embroidery system can make ordinary computer embroidery version and shuttle (water soluble) flower version, really achieve a multi-purpose machine.

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