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Why choose EOC 05 as your first household embroidery machine?

EOC 05, It provides you with a larger embroidery area and a larger inner arm space, suitable for large projects. EOC 05 is also very fast, and you will enjoy a full-color touch screen.

EOC 05 Main features

Manage all functions on the full-color touch screen display and touch sensor keyboard.

Editing functions include layout, combination patterns, pattern rotation, size, mirroring, etc.

Use the zoom view to preview your design in full color to see every detail of the design.

Choose from 11 built-in languages.

The large embroidery area provides you with space for large and complex designs.

The embroidery speed of 850 stitches per minute can realize fast and accurate embroidery.

Suggestions for automatic embroidery patterns. Select the required frame size and EOC will only highlight the available patterns that fit the selected frame.

Automatically adjust the thread tension.

EOC has on-line and off-line sensors, which can warn when the line is disconnected or used up.

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