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100 Color Polyester Embroidery Thread MOQ30

SKU P02A01W201
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Made of specially selected high-strength trilobal shaped polyester yarn, Polyester Embroidery Threads have lower risks of breaking or fraying.
The high elasticity and tenacity of polyester also reduce the risks of looping and puckering. Each Spool has 40 W.T.(120D/2) and 5000M(5500Y) length, which makes these spools ideal for All 
Embroidery Machines including Home-based, Semi-industrial, Industrial, and Commercial Embroidery Machines.
Choosing to use 100% Polyester 
Machine Embroidery Thread will not only enhance the appearance of embroidery products but can greatly improve the productivity and performance of an embroidery production line.

Color: 8737/RAL-9003