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Official Online Store for BAI
Official Online Store for BAI

Why we here

To provide the best, most commercial, and perfect embroidery tools, accessories, skills, and complete ecosystem in China for global sewing and embroidery end users , helping more embroidery shop owners save more costs and time, and making our customers richer in a world of spiritual freedom. From homeuse sewing machines to industrial embroidery machines, to software for sewing and embroidery business development, blanks, embroidery threads, embroidery needles......


So hey. If you're looking for a top of the line machine that is super accurate and ultimate quality. This may not be the machine for you. But if you're looking for a quality machine at a fair price with really good customer support. Then I can't recommend this enough. It took about an hour to setup. And makes good quality patches and designs out of the box. There's a little bit of a learning curve. But that's true of any machine.

Dustin Patterson

I love my bai embroidery machine! Purchased in Oct 2022 and have created several designs for my small business. The customer service from bai embroidery really goes above and beyond with providing support and answering questions. They have several helpful videos online for easy set up and getting started, along with troubleshooting videos. And you can easily message them on their Facebook page to get answers you’re not finding. I hope to purchase another bai embroidery machine in the future to add to my business!


I was a little worried about this purchase since the price was SO much less than the competitors. Turns out that there was no need to worry at all. After watching a couple of videos - which there are a ton of on YouTube, I was up and running! I have had a couple of minor issues, but with the online videos, I have been back up and running in no time. I am a first time embroiderer, so I started with nothing in the knowledge department. Watch the videos, pay attention to the details, join the Facebook group, and take the plunge, the BAI machine has been a great addition to our business and I couldn't be happier!


I've been using a household embroidery machine for the past few years and was asked to do hats. I didn't like the way I couldn't get low enough to make it look centered and it was a pain to do anyways. So I took a chance and ordered the 12 needle BAi embroidery machine. It is amazing. Saves me so much more time, got most all of the accessories with it. The customer service is amazing. The only thing I could complain about is that you cannot adjust the size of your design once it is in the machine without going back to the computer and adjusting. All in all I love this machine and it made making hats a breeze! I couldn't be happier with it!

Misty Borwege

The BAI Embroidery machine is awesome. When it arrived, it was very easy to set up when watching the YouTube unboxing video. The value for your money is above what I had expected. There is a learning curve to embroidering different fabrics but that is more on the digitizing software side. We have been running the machine for two months with no issues. The Customer Service is always checking in on you to see if there is anything they can help with. I would recommend this BAI Embroidery machine to anyone that is starting out in embroidery and looking for a high quality embroidery machine.

Robert Campbell

Absolutely love this machine. I was super excited to receive and scared to use at the same time. Watched numerous videos, received tremendous support from the team, FB pages and feel very confident. Still have a lot to learn, but getting there.

Item arrived crated, packed extremely well. No issues on customer service or delivery.

It is heavy, it took 2 people to carry up a flight of steps and they were exhausted after.

Recommend watching numerous videos and talk to the people that reach out to you to assist. They don’t know what you don’t ask or tell.


I am a first time embroidery user and this is a great machine! For me I have ran into some challenges with it but that is only user error. The best part about this machine is the customer service that comes with it! They reached out to me via phone and then on Facebook messenger and they have an answer or video to every question or problem I have! They have helped me so much! f you are looking to purchase an embroidery machine this is a great one!


At first I was a little intimidated by the machine as I have a small single needle machine. This machine is awesome! It is easy to use and they have many teaching videos to help you learn to use it. Customer service has been great and they answer any questions you have. They are very helpful. I highly recommend this embroidery machine. I have the 1501 Mirror series.


I have had my machine for about 3ish weeks, almost 4. It arrived exactly as expected. I found all of the BAi YouTube videos extremely helpful. There was a minor hiccup with the axis alignment, but the after-sales service team was awesome! Super attentive, very helpful. Took a couple days of back and forth (mostly because of the time difference) and the machine was ready to go. I am a beginner, I have only used standard home sewing machines prior. So this was a big learning curve for me, but luckily, with all the resources that are available (service team, youtube, the Facebook group) - its been a breeze. I would highly recommend.


I'm a beginner using a sewing machine, I chose this machine because it looked of great quality & the reviews were good too. I had technical support from the vendor from the start, who has been of excellent help. Got so many helpful tips and so much. I'm still trying to do some good sewing though, lol but getting there, I think in the future I'll buy another machine from this brand, happy with the purchase.


Bought this to make quilts. Started making quilts on a whim and didn’t want to spend a lot of money because I knew this whim would end. Pretty sturdy little machine. On really thick layers you may have to help it along but it keeps on going. Once I got the hang of threading everything and winding bobbins it works great. It’s small and has a carrying handle, so you can set it up anywhere and sew a while then pick it up and move it out of the way. Love it !

Danii K

Purchased this sewing machine as a beginner. The company's engineer team spent over a hr on a call to help me get my machine up and running. I am very pleased with the help and how they showed me to resolve my issue. Great customer service!

Nicole Harland

I actually really like it! Has various speed options for beginners. Easy set up. I tailored my daughters dress with ease. I have to see how it does with jeans but it’s so great so far. Easy to fix my own mess ups as well and always referring to instructions. Wonderful!!


This just arrived today and I can not wait to use it, I have been dreaming of buying a sewing machine for a long time and it looks like we made a good deal here, comes with so much equipment, heavy duty top quality for an amazing price, easy to set up, instructions are so clear, stores very compact, this is a great product, Machine arrived in great condition nothing was damaged.

Shimon Levy

The new different name Poolin sewing machine try it. So, it's better than brother sewing machine had 2015 it wears out use long time quilting years, this Poolin really neat help smooth and Stright good. had extra fun animals and a to z this so cool very easy also I am deaf the feeling does not seem loud to me? also the light number u read I can see better! I like it!


I am an avid Singer user! I needed a new seeing machine as my old one finally tangled for the last time I was tired of cleaning it. I happened on this Poolin and because of it's swift next day delivery and after reading the reviews I decided to take a risk. I NEVER stray from Singer machines!! BUT.... to my surprise this is by far the BEST SEWING MACHINE I'VE EVER USED!! I am incredibly impressed with the quality of workmanship that this Poolin is so affordable you won't break the Bank buying it. So, if you are reading this review right now and trying to decide....get it now!! You won't regret it!!

Canadance Sherman

I haven't sewed in 30 years. I got this machine for little nothing big projects. This machine is awesome. I never herd of this brand before so with the price I decided to give it a try. It is very simple and the settings are very self explanatory. If your looking for a great machine to start on of your just starting out or just want something simple to do little projects with, this machine is it.
Also it is light weight.


A fantastic sewer it’s super easy to use and it is super light weight.This is a very beautiful sewing machine. I bought it for my mom and she likes it a lot. She made some clothes for my baby.



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