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How to buy in Richword?

How to buy in Richword?

Online store:

Step 1: choose Size(Model,Color...) , fill the quantity blank as 1,2,10... then click add to cart


Step 2: click checkout

Step 3: fill the necessary information

Step 4: type and apply discount code

Step 5: click continue to shipping

Step 6: click continue to payment (if you forget to use discount code, type and apply discount code here) 

Step 7: choose your billing address and click complete order 

Step 8: pay with PayPal or with Debit/Credit Card(2 ways!)


Step 9: follow PayPal's checkout instroction and complete your payments


Hope you have a pleasant shopping experience in Richword!

Products will be shipped through Fedex and the whole delivery will cost about 7-10 days. We also apply other economical shippers which cost about 15-20 days. That depends.


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