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How to set the pocket frame parameters

How to set the pocket frame parameters

Hi everyone, welcome to Richword.

Many friends don’t know how to use the pocket embroidery frame correctly. Today I will first share with you how to set the parameters of the pocket embroidery frame so that it can be used correctly and quickly.

First, you need to install the pocket embroidery frame on the machine:

Follow the steps below to set parameters:

Step 1:Click the cap embroidery frame on the display screen → click OK → click other embroidery frame → click ESC

the pocket frame step 1

Step 2:Move the position of the embroidery frame back and forth so that the needle reaches the center of the embroidery frame, and record the PX and PY data on the display;

Step 3:Click the setting button on the display to fill in the embroidery frame parameters (custom embroidery frame H/I/J, choose one to fill in)

X centre the PX parameter
Y centre the PY parameter
X size the width of the embroidery frame=70
Y size the height of the embroidery frame=40
Rounded 0 for the square embroidery frame


 pocket embroidery frame

Step 4:Fill in 5 parameters, after setting → click OK

The above are the parameter settings for pocket embroidery frame,Then you can start to embroider:

Fix the fabric and backing paper to be embroidered on the pocket embroidery frame → select the pattern →select the color →select the frame → start your embroidery journey;

That's all for today's sharing, if you made out works by pocket frame, just feel free to share with us;

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