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Mighty Hoop compatibility-ZSK

Mighty Hoop compatibility-ZSK

The following are notes we have made about ZSK machines.

The hoops on this page will fit some ZSK machines, but not all.  The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which type of brackets your machine can use. Please look at these pictures and take similar measurements of the existing hoops you use with your machine. Once you know your sewing field size, select the hoop that you are interested in and then select the sewing field option that is the same as your current hoop. If you have both, we recommend ordering the smaller ZSK400 if possible.

  • Mighty Hoop
  • ZSK400 is preferred for 12×11 Mighty Hoop. The 12×11 was designed to max out the ZSK400 spacing.
    • Single Head Machines
      • Sprint Machines
        • Sprint 5 and Spring 6
          • Have ZSK400 and ZSK495 tubular arm spacing
          • Can go up to an 11×13” or 12×11” Mighty Hoop at the ZSK495 spacing.
          • Can move their arms from ZSK400 to ZSK495.
          • 4.25×13 can be used but with a 1.5” offset
            • 4.25×16” and 3.25×12” will not work as well.
          • Sprint 6 can do 12×15 with wider arms
            • need to purchase aftermarket arms from ZSK
        • Sprint 7 (7, 7L, 7 XL)
          • Sprint 7 does not come with the wider arms. Cannot do the 12×15
          • Sprint 7L and Sprint 7XL comes standard with wider arms. Can do 12×15 at ZSK540 with offset bracket
      • Racer
        • Single Head (1W, 1WL, 1XL (24 Needle))
          • all come with 400 and 495 arms spacing
          • Can go up to a 13×16 at ZSK495
    • Multi-Head Machines
      • RACER Machines (JAFA machines also apply)
        • S – Models only come in a 400mm spacing
          • 12×11 will fit at 400 spacing 6/19/2020
        • W or WL – Models can move their arms from 400mm to 495mm
          • RACER 6W (12 Needle), RACER 6W2(18needle) (495×500)
            • Can do 14×16 at ZSK495
        • RACER 8S only comes in 400mm
      • S Model – “ S ” stands for STANDARD
        • Model numbers with the letter “ S ” can only do the ZSK400 spacing.
        • 4.25×16 work on all machines, no loss of sewing area
      • W Model
        • “ W ” stands for WIDE
        • Model numbers with the letter “ W ” can only do the ZSK495.
          • They do come with a bracket extension to make the ZSK400 spacing work.
          • 4.25×16 work on all machines, no loss of sewing area
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