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Official Online Store for BAI
Official Online Store for BAI

Description: The machine can be used for making T shirts, patches, bags, denim. 7'' large digital LCD touchscreen, come with 2 embroidery hoops, 4”x 9.2” and 4” x 4” meet your customized embroidery needs. Embroidery speed is 700 RPM,voltage is 220v. The size of the machine is 21.7"D x 13.8"W x 11.8"H, NW 8.5kg, GW 12kg.

Feature: Easy to use, 96 Built-in Designs, 9 lettering fonts. Clear interaction logic helps new user get to work much easier and avoid errors. Clear interface layout allows you to preview your designs in full color before stitching. The computerized embroidery machine also has a USB port and more than 700 designs memory for storage, compatible with DSB/DST format.

Service&&Support: Worried about not being proficient in using the machine? No need at all!Besides the detailed teaching videos in our Youtube channel, we also prepared manual and quick use guidance and set a Facebook user group for real users.

Tip1: The embroidery machine cannot recognize the pictures directly, all the pictures must be designed in the embroidery software and exported in Dst/Dsb format.

Tip2: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

1. Am I able to buy bigger frames for this for larger images? Sorry to tell that other bigger frames are not suitable for EOC05. We have 2 different embroidery frames comes with the machine, they are suitable for 2 different embroidery area/size(10*10cm and 10*23.5cm, ). If you want to embroider larger images, or larger embroidery area/size, EOC 06 and other commercial embroidery machine can meet your requirements. Tips:Embroidery area is fixed and set by the machine system, it has nothing to do with size of embroider frame, but appropriate embroider frame can assist you to undertake embroider work more precisely.

2. Is there any videos of embroidery on hats with this machine?

Sorry to tell that there is no such kind of videos. Like other homeuse embroidery machines, EOC 05 doesn't have separate hat embroidery devices, so you can place your hat flat in the embroidery frame before embroidering.

3. I mean I dont know how to do embroidery. Will this automatically copy and do embroidery of the art thats on the usb by itself ?

Hi, there. EOC 05 supports embroidery file only in DST format, if you want to embroider pictures, you need to transmit pictures into DST format through embroidery software like Hatch Wilcom(basic:$149.00, advanced:$149.00+)and Embrilliance($139.00). When comes to embroidery operation, please take these videos for reference, they're short and easy:

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