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Official Online Store for BAI
Official Online Store for BAI

Shipping policy

Shipping Methods

  •  BAI machine

The United States--self-pickup from overseas warehouses or delivery to the door (about 7 days)

Other countries and regions--delivery from China warehouse(about 30-45 days by sea)

  •  Accessories & Poolin homeuse machine

Usually shipped from China warehouse, we mainly provide two time-sensitive shipping methods:

Customers can choose by themselves and pay the corresponding freight

Fedex/Ups :4-7 days delivery

Other tracking :10-15 days delivery

For some orders that cannot be sent by express delivery due to their heavy weight, we will communicate with the customer in advance, and usually arrange shipping by sea. The time limit is about 30-45 days. Please refer to the actual arrangement for the specific time limit.

Freight Calculation Standard

Most of the goods are calculated according to the weight, and a small part are calculated according to the volume weight. The first weight is 0.5kg.

If it is less than 20kg, every 0.5kg is counted as a step; if it is more than 20kg, every 1kg is counted as a step, and if it is less than the maximum weight of a step, it will be automatically calculated according to the standard of the step, as shown below:

                Fedex/Ups(4-7days)    Other tracking(10-15 days)                 

0-0.5kg              $21                                 $9   

0.5-1kg              $26                                 $15

1-1.5kg              $29                                 $21

1.5-2kg              $32                                 $27

2-2.5kg              $34                                 $33


19.5-20kg          $165                               $243

20-21kg             $182                               $255

21-22kg             $191                               $267


Free shipping & Shipping

The products on this website are divided into two sections: free shipping and regular shipping. The free shipping section is currently only for the United States and a small number of other surrounding countries and regions. (For details, please refer to the product title and inner page introduction)


All goods on this website do not include taxes , and the courier may charge you the corresponding taxes and fees according to the receiving country. (If you have any questions, please contact the relevant local department to obtain tax details)

Please note

  • Ship

After receiving the order, it is usually expected to be shipped within 3 working days. China time, Saturdays, Sundays & holidays are not available. After the holidays are over, they will be shipped one by one according to the order of the order and the ordered products. Due to the order volume Due to the increase and demand, the order may need additional processing time; after the shipment, the waybill number will be updated in the order, and you can check the progress of the shipment at any time.

  •  Special case

Shipping delays may occur due to weather, service interruptions, seasonal staff shortages or any other reason which are beyond our control, please understand.

  • Unable to deliver & order

Some products will show that they cannot be delivered to your address. It may be due to the need to pay for shipping or other reasons. Please contact your service specialist or click "Chat with us" in the lower left corner of the website to contact us. Due to the time difference, we may not reply in time. Please send Leave us a message with your quick contact information, we will arrange someone to connect with you as soon as possible.


About warranty and return policy please refer



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