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EOC590 Homeuse Portable Decorate Sewing Machine

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Poolin EOC590 Household Sewing Machine is designed for girls who love to make handmade decorations--13 built-in stitches, comes with 5 presser feet, and is equipped with cute mushroom knobs and reverse knobs. When you learn to use the EOC590 sewing machine, you can sew more projects, cute designs, first choice for sewing girls' decoration.

Description: Machine size 5.98''D*13.58''W*10.63''H, advanced mechanical sewing machine, metal body, durable and not easy to damage, supports adjusting stitch length, its features include reverse stitching, thread cutter, and built-in sewing light , bobbin winding, tension adjustment and 26 stitch applications make your sewing more convenient.

Feature: Tailored for female users, with a cute appearance, it can be used not only for sewing but also as a home decoration. It can be sewn to create headdresses, buttons, small bags, pet clothes, etc. that girls like. Lightweight and compact, simple and easy to use.

Accessories: It contains most of the supplies you need to get started. It comes with thread*4, bobbin*2, needle*3, presser feet *5 and needle threader*1, etc. Contains most of the supplies you need to get started.

Service & Support: 1. Super detailed instructional videos on Youtube channel.2. Comes with teaching manual and quick start guide, easy to understand.3. Set up Facebook interest groups for users to communicate and communicate more information.4. One-to-one free after-sales service, direct dialogue with engineers to improve teaching and after-sales efficiency.

Tip1: From back forwards thread the needle eye. No need to pull the cloth hard, the cloth feed dog will send the cloth evenly. The bobbin turns clockwise inside the bobbin case. The higher the number, the tighter the tension. The winding shaft should be on the right when winding the bobbin. Add a layer of stabilizer paper when sewing thin fabrics(The machine will come with 3 sheets).

Tip2: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

1. How many stitches does it have?

It has 26 stitch applications including straight stitches, zigzag stitches and more. It can meet your different stitch needs.

2. What is the stitch length of the machine?

The maximum stitch length of the sewing machine is 3.6mm and the maximum stitch width is 4.5mm.

3. Does it come with a power cord and foot pedal?

Yes. The EOC590 sewing machine comes with the foot control/power cord.

4. Does this machine have a threader?

This sewing machine does not have an automatic needle threader.

5. Can I use a double needle on this specific model?

No. The simple sewing machine does not support the double needle function. If you want a sewing machine that can use the twin needle function. Please check out our POOLING EOC990 and EOC2720.

6. Does this machine do 1 step or 4 step button holes?

The POOLIN Sewing Machine has the Four-Step Buttonhole feature.

7. What model of needle is this machine compatible with?

We recommend choosing the needle according to your fabric. The 14# is the most commonly used.

8. What accessories does the machine include?

The EOC590 includes all the necessary accessories such as needle, bobbin, presser foot, thread, fluff looser/bristle brush, needle threader, screwdriver, needle plate and felt pad, etc.

9. Can this machine hem jeans?

It can sew 6 layers of 10 oz denim.

10. Will this model be able to do leather?

This is a basic sewing machine. Not very friendly to thick fabrics. If necessary, do not use the foot pedal, but turn the handwheel to operate the machine. Avoid damaging the machine.

11. Are there any instructional videos? Is the machine easy to operate?

EOC590 is simple and easy to use. Many customers who have never been exposed to sewing before can use it easily. In addition, we provide operation guides and manuals, as well as ultra-detailed teaching videos and free one-on-one teaching/after-sales guidance.

12. What is the difference between these sewing machines? How to choose the best machine for me?

These are all machines of the same series as Poolin. The EOC565 is more suitable for children's enlightenment; the EOC990 is a higher-end mechanical sewing machine; the EOC588 is very suitable for sewists with simple home sewing needs; the EOC590's unique appearance design is more in line with female aesthetics; the EOC2100 is 990 Smart version; EOC2720 is mostly favored by designers, please choose according to your needs.

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