Mighty Hoop/HoopMaster

Mighty Hoop 5.5" with 8"×13" Kit for BROTHER BABY LOCK PR or PR10

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Model: PR

This kit is for customers that do not already own a HoopMaster System, and would like to start out with everything they need for 5.5" and 8"×13" Mighty Hoops. The HoopMaster system helps align and apply the Mighty Hoops to garments. The HoopMaster is not required to use the Mighty Hoops, but it will make the hooping process quick, easy, accurate and consistent. This is the most common kit sold to new customers.
1. Mighty Hoop 5.5" (The inside dimension of this hoop is 5 5/16″, 5.30″, or 135mm)
2. Mighty Hoop 8"×13" (The inside dimension of this hoop is 7 5/8"x12 3/4" /  7.66"×12.81", or 194x325mm)
3. HoopMaster normal size Station
4. Hoopmaster normal size Adjustable Fixture
5. 5.5" Fixture & Freestyle
6. Freestyle Base
7. T-square


Shipping & Returns
  • The cooperation between Richword and Mighty Hoop takes the form of consignment shipping. After placing the order, the package will be shipped from Mighty Hoop's headquarters in Wisconsin and will be delivered within 2-7 working days across the US mainland.
  • We provide the same warranty as Mighty Hoop, with free returns and exchanges within one month.
  • Mighty Hoop has a diverse selection of sizes and matches perfectly with most embroidery machines.
  • If you cannot find your embroidery machine model in the specific size on the website, please inbox us.
Model: PR

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