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Learn In Richword 1: Perfect Needle Perfect Work

Learn In Richword 1: Perfect Needle Perfect Work

Everyone's embroidery process is inseparable from the embroidery needle. Similarly, a good embroidery work is inseparable from the appropriate, excellent and durable embroidery needles.

Many embroiderers have problems in the selection and use of the embroidery needle, and the broken needle on the embroidery table tells everything. We are here to share three tips of embroidery needles, help you avoid problems about needles.

Firstly, when buying embroidery needles, what aspects do the cumbersome numbers on the packing box express? Please look at the following picture. We will introduce these six main aspects to you in detail so that you can tell the meaning of these stats and choose  the proper needles for your machine.

Secondly, when choosing an embroidery needle, which type of embroidery needle should the embroiderer choose? Please carefully select the type of needle according to your fabric material. The correct embroidery needle completes the perfect work. The inappropriate embroidery needle may cause harm to the machine and embroiderer. I hope following pictures can help you accurately.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, needle breakage may occur in anyone's embroidery process. Is needle breakage a problem? In fact it is not. Many reasons may cause needle breakage. Please check yourself according to following picture.

Excellent embroidery preparation and embroidery habits will make your embroidery needles valuable. I wish you a safe embroidery process, choose the right embroidery needles and complete the perfect work. All good!

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 (Shawn Wang)

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