Hoops & Stations

We provide original embroidery hoops for BAI industrial embroidery machines, which saves you the trouble of choosing and covers the main daily use scenarios.

When purchasing our industrial embroidery machine, we will provide a set of green T-shirt embroidery frames, one aluminum embroidery frame and one set of hat embroidery frames. It can be used for T-shirt embroidery, flat embroidery and hat embroidery.

In addition, we also provide optional magnetic 8-in-1 embroidery hoops, shoe embroidery clamps, sock embroidery devices and pocket embroidery frame.

Our magnetic 8-in-1 embroidery hoops are easy to install, flexible in shape and size, and convenient for special embroidery positions on cuffs, webbing, pet ropes, hat brims, plush toys, and more.

For the side embroidery customization of shoes, we specially provide shoe embroidery clamps, it's also suitable for bags and luggage bags.

The pocket frame can not only be used for pocket embroidery but also for the side and back panels of hats.

The sock device has two frames as a set, which can be assembled at the same time for mass production.

We also provide embroidery hoops that match POOLIN EOC series home-use embroidery machines. Please choose the embroidery hoops according to the machine model.

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Hoops & Stations