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Learn In Richword 7: How safe is the machine in the temperature dropping?

Learn In Richword 7: How safe is the machine in the temperature dropping?

As most parts of the United States are cooling down these days, some users ask whether the severe cold is harmful to the machine, whether it is necessary to increase the frequency of maintenance, and whether there are other ways to deal with it.

First of all, dear friends, please wear thick clothes and keep warm. Your health is more important than the health of the machine. It is much stronger than you lol.

Secondly, our machine can be used in cold regions with no doubt. This is the real feedback from users in Northern Europe, Canada and Russia, because at least the temperature in your home will not reach minus 30 degrees. However, it should be noted that when the machine starts, the grease on the main shaft may be sticky, and the main shaft will not rotate. It doesn't happen commonly. If it happens, add maintenance oil properly.

Thirdly, it is damp not cold weather, that causes damage to the machine. Please do not put your machine in your GARAGE. The wet environment will damage the circuit board of the machine and affect the operation of the components. Please keep your machine away from damp environment.

Finally, there is a better way to prevent this problem. We will try our best to keep the temperature above 12℃ (54℉). We can place a blanket on the machine and a 100 watt bulb under the machine. This should be enough to prevent any electrical components from getting wet.


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