Groz DB x K5 RG SAN® 1 GEBEDUR® for embroidery of hard-wearing products 10 pcs

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Size: Needle Size #65/9
Coating Titanium nitride
Point  Universal Point (RG)
Color Gold
Weight 7g
Size 12.7"*8.4"*1.3"/5cm*3.3cm*0.5cm


Groz DB x K5 SAN® 1 Needle is excellently suited to the embroidery of hard-wearing products such as baseball caps and leather.

The special characteristics of needle DB x K5 SAN® 1 GEBEDUR® provide many advantages over the standard version:

  • The reinforced blade boosts needle stability and reduces needle deflection and breakage.
  • The larger eye simplifies threading and facilitates smoother sliding of the thread.
  • The scarf chamfer and the optimized geometry between eye and scarf improve loop pick-up and reduce the occurrence of skipped stitches.
  • The GEBEDUR® coating provides maximum protection from wear.
Size: Needle Size #65/9