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Learn In Richword 5: Proper scissors Better work

Learn In Richword 5: Proper scissors Better work

As a beginner embroiderer, you may grab your normal household scissors when you embroider, but that will ruin your hardwork! To be a great embroiderer, you should prepare different tools for different situations. In our entire embroidery process, we may use several different scissors to improve efficiency and beautify the pattern. Here I will recommend several types of embroidery scissors suitable for different situations. I hope you can choose and use them correctly.

U-shaped Yarn Scissors (for thread cutting)

It is one of the most common embroidery scissors. It is small and sharp, pretty cheap and easy to carry. It is usually made of stainless steel, with plastic hand guards, plastic covers, etc. to optimize the user's experience and safety. However, there are two disadvantages, first is that the finger joints are easy to fatigue after long-term use, and the other is that the blade is sharp and small, which is dangerous to children. 

Curved-blade scissors (for thread cutting)

It is a kind of scissors with strong professionalism. Its characteristics are that the blade is curved, so that the user can approach the end of the thread to the greatest extent, without damaging the integrity of the fabric, so as to achieve accurate removal and protect the embroidery.

Thread Snips (for thread cutting)

The product optimized on the basis of curved-blade scissors, is made of titanium alloy, which is both solid and lightweight, retains the advantages of curved-blade scissors, reduces the blade volume, and achieves faster, more accurate and more portable. But its price is slightly higher, buy it if the budget is sufficient.

Japanese fabric scissors (for fabric cutting)

The long and sharp blade provides force application space and cutting capacity of 64 layers of cloth. PVC plastic knife handle reduces weight and fatigue. The handle design conforms to human engineering mechanics, which is convenient, fast and easy to control, and especially suitable for heavy duty.

Left-handed fabric scissors (for fabric cutting)

The blade is made of special technology, tough and rust proof, and the blade is heavy, suitable for heavy cutting work. There is a groove specially designed for left-handed people at the handle, which greatly improves the comfort, so that left-handed people also have their own embroidery scissors.

Duckbill applique scissors(for applique cutting)

It is perfect for cutting and pasting cloth embroidery. One side is sharp and the other side is blunt. The duckbill shaped blade perfectly separates the bottom layer of pasting cloth, and easily completes the control and cutting action, which greatly improves the efficiency and effect of cutting and pasting cloth embroidery.

In addition, there are many scissors in different forms, which can be used in more occasions, such as the round scissors that can be brought on the plane, the double curved-blade scissors specially suitable for operation on the embroidery frame, etc.

Choose the scissors at the link below that are most suitable for you~

(Shawn Wang)

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