What is Richword

Born For Top Embroidery/Sewing Accessories

Richword is a comprehensive one-stop shopping mall related to embroidery and sewing. Here you can get all embroidery and sewing related products, including commercial embroidery machines, home embroidery machines, home sewing machines,accessories, embroidery hoops and blanks(cap/t-shirt/toy...)etc.

Our Story

After our users bought their machines, some of them didn't really know the next move, can't distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of all consumables and accessories. Wasted passion and money, patience and especially time. Solving these problems for users is the original intention of Richword.

In 2022, Based on the BAI team, we built a team full of positive spirit again to provide all the best, the most commercial and perfect embroidery tools, accessories, skills and complete ecological chain in China for directly purchased by end users and wholesale users all over the world at the same time. Help more embroidery/sewing lovers and shop owners save cost and time, and make our customers richer both in the reality and the spiritual free world. This is our Richword.

We are always on the road !

In the past 2 years, we have successively set up warehousing in China,USA, Canada, Mexico and the UK to ensure transportation timeliness and spot inventory. At the same time, we have opened brand entry ports to provide users with more choices, such as Mighty Hoop. Currently, Richword has a global presence Gaining 2,0000+ users, Richword is always on the way to updates!

About our company

Richword is one of the core brands of 100 house Co. Ltd. The head office is located in Wuxi, China. Company's main brands are: BAI, Poolin and Richword. BAI:multi-needle commercial embroidery machines. Poolin:single-needle household embroidery machines & sewing machines. Richword:embroidery & sewing accessories

Among them, richword.com is the only official store that contains all our company’s products

To All Richword Fans

Dear friends, welcome here!

We adhere to the tenets of product research,development,technology upgrading and customer first,Continue to introduce new and high-quality products. We welcome all friends to join our family, and thank you for your support and trust! Your feedback makes us better!
Let Richword be your fully managed embroidery/sewing manager!
Our story continues...

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