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Mighty Hoop compatibility-Baurdan

Mighty Hoop compatibility-Baurdan

The following are notes we have made about Barudan machines.

The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which type of brackets your particular model uses and which sewing field width. Barudan has two types of brackets that hold the hoops in the machine and two main sewing field widths for each. Please look at these pictures and determine which bracket type and size you have. Measure your current hoops from the end of one bracket to the end of the other side.


BQ520 Sew Field 

  • If the model number starts with BED, BEV, BEX or BEK, it should be QS style
  • If the machine is 2002 or newer, it should be one of the above models so should be QS
  • If they can sew more than 14” wide, they have to have a 520 spacing
  • The models that end in CA are the smaller field machines that can’t use the 11×13” hoops. You will find the CA models in the BEVT and BEXT series.
  • 380mm spacing is called STANDARD on Multihead.
  • 520mm spacing is called STRETCH on Multihead.

How to determine what the biggest Mighty Hoop that can fit on a Barudan Machine. This is just a reference, it may not work for all models of machines.

  • If the largest standard hoop is a 300×290, can only go up to an 8×13” Mighty Hoop
  • If the largest standard hoop is a 300×430, can only go up to an 11×13” Mighty Hoop
  • If the largest standard hoop is a 330×438, can only go up to a 12.5×15.75” Mighty Hoop
  • If the largest standard hoop is a 330×483, can only go up to a 12.5×15.75” Mighty Hoop
  • If the largest standard hoop is a 460×434, can go up to our 17×16” Mighty Hoop
  • The 10×19″ hoop is too large for all barudan machines

Single Head Machines

9-Needle Machines

  • BEXT-S901CAII would fit an 11×13 with an offset bracket. Offset bracket is MH-BQ520-1113-BKT-O. The offset is 7/8” offset. Cust says he lost about 1.5” off the front of the hoop.
  • BEXT-S901CAII could not fit the 4.25×13
  • We found out a BEVT S901 could only use an 8×13, not sure what year the machine was.
  • We found out a BEDT ZN901 could not use the 10×10, sent an 8×9 to switch out.

15-Needle Machines

  • A BEVT-S1501 CA II (2014) can only use an 8×13, the 11×13 hits the back of the machine. This machines largest standard hoop is a 300×290.
  • BEDT-ZN-101 older machines most likely can’t use larger than an 8×13 just like the newer CA models.
  • BENT-ZQ-201U – A customer stated his machine could handle a 330×438 hoop, we sent him a 12.5×15.75 hoop. The arms on his machine were too short and the hoop hit the back of the machine, so had to go down to an 11×13″ hoop.
  • BEVT we believe is an Elite Pro 2 and has QS520 spacing.
  • BEKT-S1501CAII – can only do an 8×13” Mighty Hoop.
  • BEKT-S1501CII – Can do 17×16” Mighty hoop and all smaller sizes.
  • BEKT-S1501CBIII – Barudan Elite Pro 3 can use the 13×16 with the QS520 spacing.
  • BEVT Z1501C8 – 2007 model had 330×438 so it can use the 12×15” MH at QS520 spacing

Two & Four Head Machines

  • D-Series – Comes in QS520
  • BEDYHE-ZQC04 – Can do 460×434, should be able to do 17×16 with BQ520
  • K-Series – comes in QS520
  • BEKYS 1504C II – 17×16” works on QS520 stretch machines
  • X-Series – Comes in QS520
  • BEXY-Z1504C – Can go up to a 12×15.

Six Head Machines

  • K-Series – Comes in QS380 (Standard) or QS520 (Stretch)
  • We made a new hoop in 5-18 for QS380 machines that can use a 460×304 Barudan hoop. It is called the 17×11. Actual inside is 17 3/8 deep by 10 7/8” wide (44cm x 27.5cm)
  • Machine is BEKY-1506 380 spacing
  • Part MH-BQ380-1711
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