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Mighty Hoop compatibility-MELCO

Mighty Hoop compatibility-MELCO

The following are notes we have made about Melco machines.

The Melco embroidery machines come standard with the Melco 400 and Melco 475 tubular arms spacings. We recommend ordering all Mighty Hoop sizes at the smallest arm position offered.


Melco machines in the past had an option to purchase wider tubular arms. These arms would allow the Melco to use a tubular arm spacing 589mm. See Picture Below. These were discontinued by Melco in 2022 and are not available for purchase.



  • Mighty Hoop
    • Only designed for Tubular style machines
    • Uses Melco brackets
      • MT400 spacing can go up to 10×10” Mighty Hoop
      • MT475 spacing can go up to an 15×12 Narrow Wing or 13×15
      • MT589 spacing – Requires Wider Arms
        • Max Depth 17×16
        • Max Width 10×19
  • *IMPORTANT:  FLEX level of Operating Software is required for the following hoops.  These hoops will fit the machine, but it will not be able to use the entire hoop if you have the Lite Level Operating Software.
    Lite level is limited to a 
    Maximum Sew Field of: 10.5″ deep x 12.7″ wide (26.7cm deep x 32.2cm wide)
  • 13×15, 15×12, 4.25×13 sleeve, 4.25×16 sleeve, 12×3” (this hoop loses about .75” in depth)
  • Hoops that are not sold to Melco customers anymore, but have this same problem.
    12×15, 13×16, 14×16, 17×16, 10×19, 17×11
  • You can determine what software level you have by going here.

  • Model
    • Amaya, Bravo, EMT10, XTS
      • Can go up to an 15×12 (Narrow Wing) or 13×15
      • Can do the 4.25×16 with a 4.25×13 1.5” offset bracket.
      • We tried to make a MT400-17×11, but it would need to be offset so far it was not practical so did not make it, the MH-MT475 15×12 would be a better option.
      • Can use the Melco Wider Arms
        • 14×16 not recommend as it just barely hits the wider arms in the back.
    • EMT-10T
      • Can only go up to an 11×13” Mighty Hoop.
      • Cannot use the Melco Wider Arms
    • EMT-4T (4 head tubular machine)
      • Can go out to 475 spacing
      • Cannot use the special 589 wider arms
    • EMC
      • We do make a 5.5” Mighty Hoop for EMC Flat machines as well. Email for information.
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