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Mighty Hoop compatibility-Ricoma

Mighty Hoop compatibility-Ricoma

The following are notes we have made about Ricoma machines.

The hoops on this page will fit some models of machines, but not all. The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which sewing field widths your model uses. Please look at these pictures and take similar measurements of the existing hoops you use with your machine. Once you know your sewing field size, select the hoop that you are interested in and then select the sewing field option that is the same as your current hoop.

You don’t need a measurement for the EM1010 machine. Just choose EM1010 when ordering.


  • Mighty Hoops
    • Most Ricoma have preloaded letter hoops in the control to choose. For Example, A = 12cm B=15cm C=18cm. This is only cosmetic for the user to see the design of the hoop on the screen. The machine would let you sew the whole sew able area.
    • Single Head Machines
      • Machines Models before 2020 (Pre-Pandemic) used Tajima 360, 500, and 600 spacing.
        • Tajima Brackets
        • Machines came with Green Hoops
      • Machines Models made in 2020 to present used Tajima style CH400A, 500, and 600 spacing.
        • It should be noted that most machines still have the TJ360 tubular arm spacing. However, we are recommending the CH400A to stay in line with the 15cm round hoops that come with the machine.
        • Machines came with Grey Hoops
      • Summary –
          • for small hoops you may be able to use the 360, or 400A sewing field, but you probably want to order what you already have so you don’t need to move the arms on the machine when changing from Mighty Hoops to your existing hoops.
    • Multi-Head Machines
          • Use CH400A Bracket (The A stands for Tajima style bracket with 1 square cut out)
          • Maybe able to move to CH500 spacing on some Multi-head stretch machines
  • Specific Model Numbers
    • CHT Models (make a 2,4,6,8 head machine)
      • Has 400mm spacing on all machines
      • Use CH400A brackets
        • 12×11 will work at this spacing
      • CHT-W Models can move arms to 500mm
        • Use CH400A and TJ500
        • Most likely can do 12×15 w/TJ500
    • MT Series
      • MT1501 and MT1502
        • Newer MT1501 and 1502 (2020 to present versions) are coming with CH400A, 500, and 600
        • Older MT1501 and MT1502 before 2020.
          • They both use TJ brackets at the 360,500, and 600 spacing.
        • Can do 13×16 at the TJ600 spacing
          • 425×16 sleeve hoop is offset. Suggest 425×13.
        • Can do a 10×19 at TJ600 spacing.
      • MT-2001-8S – Release 2021
        • Single Head Machines
        • TJ360, CH400A, TJ500, and TJ600
        • Max Hoop 10×19 or 13×16
      • MT-2002-8S – Release 2021
        • Two Head Machines
        • TJ360, CH400A, TJ500, and TJ600
        • Max Hoop 10×19 or 13×16
      • MT-2003-8S – Release 2021
        • Three Head Machine
        • TJ360, CH400A, TJ500, and TJ600
        • Max Hoop 10×19 or 13×16
    • SWD 1501
      • Bracket style is TJ360, TJ500 and TJ600.
        • Ch400A on new machines made in 2020 and after
      • OK – 14×16 with .5” offset
      • OK – 17×16 with 2” Offset
    • EM1010
      • CH10 brackets
    • MCC-061201 – Chenille Machines
      • CH400A – Arms do not move on the machine
        • Max 10×10, 4.25×13 sleeve also fits
          • No 17×11, 12×11

RCM1201-PT: 8 year old machine only had 360 and 600 spacing.

1501PT in France could only do  360 and 600 TJ brackets

120XC multi head in France  confirmed 400a

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