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All BAI Families was built by Bai team in May, 2021. Provide with all kinds of embroidery supplies you may need when you receive your machine. Better quality, Better price, Better service. We appreciated your support and love as always.

After we founded Bai and, many customers gave us feedback that they did not have experience using multi needle machines. Can they start practicing and doing business with single needle machines? We did it! So we established our second brand POOLIN, which includes household embroidery machines, household sewing machines, and our embroidery accessories products. We do our best to provide better prices while ensuring high product quality.

In addition, some customers ask when your company will have version making software, as the mainstream three software prices are pricey. We also did it! INSTITCH have emerged as the times require. It will become your professional and thoughtful best assistant, from A to Z.

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