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Vision V22 400*500mm Commercial Embroidery Machine

by BAi
Original price $5,939.00 - Original price $7,839.00
Original price
$5,939.00 - $7,839.00
Current price $6,639.00
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BAi VisionV22 Embroidery Machines Computerized 15 Needle Single Head - Hat Embroidery Machine Clothing, 15.7" x 19.7" Embroidery Area, Large 10" LCD Touchscreen.

Heads                              1
Needles                           15
Max embroidery area      400*500mm(15.7″*19.7″)
Max speed                      1200 spm
Memory                           20 million stitches or 200 designs
Connection                      USB / Network Cable
Voltage                            AC110V-230V 50/60 HZ
System                             Self-developed institch 5.0 motion control system
Computer                        High-Definition True-Color 10" LCD Touch Screen

Machine size                    80*75*160cm(31.5″*29.5″*59″)
Machine weight               280kg/617lbs
Packing                            Wooden case
Package size                    103*113*110cm(40.6″*44.5″*43.3″)
Package weight                330kg/728lbs

  • Excellent Upgrade:Bai embroidery machine 2023 upgrade version use better electronic system, support one-click to read information, free combination and disassembly pattern, one-click to set embroidery frame and multi-select export pattern to U disk and other functions. And it use firmer bridge structure to ensure that the machine is more stable and longer service life.
  • Black-tech:Tension spring and wheel double detection, this new release product can better prevent problems such as broken lines. The transmission system uses plane curved cam wheel structure, makes the embroidery quality more stable and exquisite.
  • Craftsman’s Spirit:Support threading guide, adding metal rings to the machine to meet the movement needs. There are three workbench modes to choose from.
  • What can I do:Whether you run a studio or are an independent designer, the Bai embroidery machine is a great productivity tool for you. From clothes to hats, it is your best choice.
  • Why me: Thousands of American embroidery enthusiasts, designers and studios have begun using Bai embroidery machines. And we are committed to providing better products and services to help our customers better their lives and careers.

1.What can I do with the machine?

No limits of imagination. If you can hoop it, you can embroider it. Embroider caps, garments,bags ,hoodies jackets, leather, shoes, patches and plenty more with our Mirror Series. ,With single head 12 or 15 needles and the attachment, this commercial embroidery machine is perfect for your startup embroidery business.

2.How to upload an embroidery pattern?

Each machine comes with a USB, download your design into USB, then plug it into the computer, your design will show automatically in DST and DSB format, save designs into machine for use. You could also use our network cable to transmit your design.

3.Can I upload a photo to make the embroidery directly?

Yes, BAI's computer supports photo embroidery. However, we recommend that you convert it to DST or DSB format, the embroidery effect will be better. If you just want to have a try, you could use the photo directly.

4.What software can I make my design ? And what format?

Hatch, Embrilliance or Wilcom software is recommend, or you could find one that suits you locally. We also have Dahao EmCAD, if you are an advanced user, you could buy this one from us. If you are not good at using software, you could find a professional designer to make design for you.

5.Which machine is more suitable for me? Please advise.

1. If you are a beginner, or you only used single needle embroidery machine before, you could try MIRROR1501. It's the best choice for owning the first multi needles machine. 2. If your business is successful and needs enlargement. you could consider VISION or KESI series based on order request and future needs.

6.What is the diffrerence between MIRROR and VISION?

1.VISION is larger and heavier than MIRROR. 2. The embroidery area of VISION is wider than MIRROR. 3. VISION’s price is pricey than MIRROR.

7.Do you support financing?

We can not recommend paying through financing as the interest (will actually cost you more) and complicated process for now. For high-priced machines with serious premiums of brands. Moreover, the embroidery machines on the market that support financing have functional and usage restrictions if the loan cannot be repaid on time. We support credit card and Paypal, which could protect your money better. With a one-off payment you can quickly get down to business with a fully functioning machine and get your investment back as quickly as possibl

8.What carriers should I drive if I choose self pick-up ?

A- Pickup truck You can drive a pickup truck and the warehouse staff will put the machine on your truck free of charge using a lift. We highly recommend that you can pick your machine up with the truck,which makes it safer and less cost for you. Remember to prepare the fixed rope before and pay attention to the weather in case the rainy days. B- SUV You can also drive the SUV and the warehouse staff will help to unpack the wooden box and put the machine and all the accessories in your car. This service is available at an additional cost of $100. Please choose the pick-up way according to your need.

9.I'm a newbie, can I get any training?

Though there is an obvious learnig curve, we stand by your side. Provide hundreds of English operation guides in the Youtube channel. As well as teaching and maintenance videos for newbies in five languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Arabic. We will ensure that you have no worries from unpacking, threading, etc. until the machine works successfully. We'll set a facebook or Whatsapp group for you, so that we could serve and troubleshoot easier and faster for you. You could also get more skills in our YouTube channel, live broadcast, blog and Facebook groups.

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