We provide cut away stabilizers, tear away stabilizers, water-soluble stabilizers and water-soluble toppings to meet the different needs of embroiderers.

The cut away stabilizers are made of Spunlaced non-woven fabric, stable knitted fabric and various elastic fabrics, which can resist tension and keep your design flat and wrinkle free. We provide three common colors of black, white and brown cut away stabilizers, as well as two kinds of types including roll and paperback, and there are different weights from 1.5 oz to 3 oz. the size of roll type is from 10 inches to 60 inches and the length is from 10 yards to 400 yards; Paperback sizes range from 32 square inches to 300 square inches. In addition, fusible cut away stabilizers are suitable for knitting and transparent fabrics. Use an iron to complete the corresponding operation at medium and low temperature.

Tear away stabilizers are faster and more cost-effective in operation, and can remove excess backing more safely. Using synthetic fiber, it can be easily torn and fixed under the needle. We provide tear backing paper in black and white colors, as well as roll and paperback of 1.5oz to 3oz. We suggest tearing the backing as close to the suture as possible to avoid deformation.

Water soluble stabilizers (WSS) dissolves itself in water and is used for stand-alone embroidery applications. The thickness is between 0.02mm and 0.08mm. We provide water-soluble backing paper in three forms of paperback, roll and adhesive and in various lengths. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and can be completely dissolved.

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