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Learn In Richword 6: How can a beginner choose the right bobbins ?

Learn In Richword 6: How can a beginner choose the right bobbins ?


Speaking of bobbins, as an embroiderer, it is necessary to buy some for machines. We opened the web page and prepared to choose for it.but found that the selection was dazzling, including aluminum bobbins, magnetic bobbins, plastic bobbins, cardboard bobbins, prewound bobbins, empty bobbins, L size, M size, A size, sided bobbins, sideless bobbins, which will confuse you. Hope this article can help you.

(1)Be sure to select the correct SIZE.

Among all the questions, the first and most important thing is to make sure that your machine matches bobbins you bought. It is divided into three mainstream types: L,M and A (Class-15), as well as the models individually customized by some brands for their  own machines. The following are the real sizes of the three sizes.

                                            SIZE L


                                            SIZE A


                                             SIZE M


In general, more than half of the commercial machines use the L size, which is as large in diameter as the A size, but narrower than it, and has less capacity to store threads; Size A is mainly used in household embroidery machines and sewing machines, while the M size is larger and has the most storing capacity.

(2)Which is better, empty bobbin or prewound bobbin?

Besides size, the first classification is the empty bobbin and prewound ones. As the name suggests, prewound ones is the seller who wraps thread in advance for sale, so which is better?

Generally speaking, the two kinds of bobbin got their own advantages. First, the empty bobbin is cheaper, and you need to buy a winding machine and a bobbin thread separately for winding yourselves. Some embroiderers love to work on their own and wind the thread themselves on the premise of having enough time. In addition, they can always use the original bobbin of the machine to reduce errors; Under normal circumstances, using the prewound bobbin will save a lot of time, and the advanced mechanical high-speed winding will have 20%-30% more thread than the manual winding, which is more compact and the tension is more even. of course, its price will be higher. Please choose according to your budget.

(3)Sided or sideless?

Some embroiderers prefer to use the sideless one,it is easy to observe how much thread is left in the bobbin and judge whether it needs to be replaced. However, due to the lack of sides, it is necessary to squeeze the thread with glue to fix it. The bobbin of the same model may not be the same size, and these viscous residues may fall off inside the machine, which is difficult to remove, and the sideless bobbin may lead to the situation that the thread cannot be cut by the commercial machine; The sided one is more solid and suitable for the high-speed use of large machines. Don't forget to consider the brand of the machine and choose the bobbin suitable for it.

(4) Magic magnetic bobbins

When we use the bobbin normally, with the use of the thread, the bobbin will slowly become lighter, which will cause the bobbin to vibrate in the bobbin case, resulting in over rotation and backlash, resulting in broken threads or inability to hook threads. To deal with this problem, the magnetic bobbins appear.

It can firmly fix it in bobbin case, prevent it from rotating excessively in the bobbin case, make the bottom thread supply smoothly, and eliminate the problem. In the process of use, the gasket needs to be removed. Use a magnet to replace the tension spring to prevent cushioning and over rotation.

(5)Don't forget the installation steps of the bobbins at any time.

            5cm is proper

Finally, please check whether the installation steps of your bobbins are completely correct. I hope all embroiderers can choose the correct and appropriate bobbins to avoid failures and successfully complete their works~

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