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Richword Class| What's the style/size of sewing and embroidery bobbins

Richword Class| What's the style/size of sewing and embroidery bobbins


Hi friends, welcome to the Richword Class! 
Whether you are sewing on a home machine, quilting on a longarm machine, or embroidering on a 10 needle machine, each machine needs a bobbin.

Different bobbin style

Do you know, the sizes of bobbins are not uniform. In some cases, these dimensions are also represented by a letter, which is where we get names like A Style, L Style, and M Style

Different styles represent different dimensions (height and diameter). 

There are also some special-sized bobbins that are represented by numbers or brand models like the Class 66, Singer#8228......

height and diameter of prewound bobbins

Among them, L-style, A-style and M-style bobbins are the three most widely used bobbin style on the market. 

L-style bobbin(20.3*8.9mm):

The most common style of bobbin used in home sewing machines. About the size of a US Nickel, it is also used in some longarm and commercial embroidery machines.

A-style bobbin(20.3*11.7mm):

Also referred to as "Class 15" and "SA156", similar in shape to the L style. It has the same diameter as an L-style but is wider, which allows it to hold more thread.

M-style bobbin(24.9*10.7mm):

About the size of a US quarter. Commonly used in long-arm quilting machines. This bobbin holds nearly double the amount of thread of an L Style bobbin.

Popular trand for bobbin style

L-style bobbins used to be the most popular bobbin style but with the abundance of rotary bobbin mechanisms and drop-in bobbins, the Class 15 bobbin style is now the most popular bobbin style for home sewing machines.

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